rate to clientdepositperiodballoonretailtotal cost
  new Renault Koleos expression 2.5 cvt   
R6 399 7.10% Linked0% 7235%     R474 900   
R622 157
new Renault Koleos expression 2.5 cvtR6 8998.80% Linked0%7235%R474 900R657 230
 new Renault Koleos dynamique 2.5 cvt      R7 599     8.75% Linked0%7235%     R524 900    R724 600 
new Renault Koleos dynamique 2.5 cvt 4X4       R8 199     8.70% Linked 0%7235%      R564 900     R778 092  

deal is subject to the approval terms and conditions of Renault financial services. a product of wesbank. a division of firstrand bank limited an authorised financial services and credit provider. ncrcp20. the monthly payment includes a once off initiation fee (r1 207.50) and excludes a monthly service fee (r69.00 per month). deals are advertised on base specifications only and excludes additional accessories. on road costs are excluded. e&oe