Renault Captur


Rate to ClientDepositPeriodBalloonRetailTotal Cost
New Renault Captur Blaze 66kw R3 4995.23% Linked0% 7235% R284 900   R353 040    
     New Renault Captur Dyn 66kW     
R4 4997.05% Linked0%7235% R331 900 R436 116
  New Renault Captur 1.5 dCi Dyn 66kW  R4 899 7.12% Linked 0%7235%  R358 900         R472 126      
  New Renault Captur Dyn 88kW     R4 899 7.12% Linked 0%7235%  R358 900     
    R472 126     
     New Renault Captur Dyn EDC 88kW          R5 099     7.18% Linked 0%7235%   R374 900          R493 877     

Range from

R3 499pm

WINNER : Wesbank Economy Tour 2019
Most fuel efficient vehicle in South Africa.
Get R20 000 Saving.
Deal is subject to the approval terms and conditions of Renault Financial Services. A product of WesBank. A division of FirstRand Bank Limited An Authorised Financial Services and Credit Provider. NCRCP20. The monthly payment includes a once off initiation fee (R1 207.50) and excludes a monthly service fee (R69.00 per month). Deals are advertised on base specifications only and excludes additional accessories. On road costs are excluded.  E&OE