rate to clientdepositperiodballoonretailtotal cost
Kiger 1.0l Energy Life R2 699      6,85% Linked0%7235%R199 900    R263 421  
Kiger 1.0l Energy LifeR2 8998,65 Linked0%7235%R199 900R279 070
Kiger 1.0l Energy ZenR3 0998,65% Linked0%7235%R214 900R299 527
Kiger 1.0l Energy Zen AMTR3 299      8,65% Linked0%7235%R224 900    R313 165    
Kiger 1.0l Turbo Zen R3 799      9,20% Linked0%7235%R254 900    R360 229  
Kiger 1.0l Turbo Intens    R4 099      9,10% Linked0%7235%R274 900 R386 778
Kiger 1.0l Turbo Intens CVTR4 3999,10% Linked     0%7235%R294 900R414 447

Deal is subject to the approval terms and conditions of Liquid Vehicle Finance, a Product of WesBank, a Division of FirstRand bank limited an authorized financial services and credit provider. ncrcp20. the monthly payment includes a once off initiation fee (R1 207.50) and excludes a monthly service fee (R69.00 per month). Deals are advertised on base specifications only and excludes additional accessories. On road costs are excluded. e&oe