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Renault Koleos


Design Exterior


Renault Koleos embodies new aspirations. Charismatic, with a sense of detail and personality enhanced by its sleek appearance and athletic curves. The chrome inserts that start at the headlamps underline the vehicle’s dynamism and strength of character in an elegant and singular fashion. 

The striking forms of the full LED lighting signature attract attention and make an impression. Right down to the robust look of the 18 inch alloy wheels, Koleos reflects your desire to get ahead.    


Behind its chic urban styling, Koleos has the DNA of a true 4X4. 

Experience every day as a new adventure and go off the beaten track with ALL MODE 4x4-i technology. Simply flip the switch located next to the steering wheel to change from 2WD to LOCK mode and benefit from permanent full transmission to help deal with obstacles. Push the boundaries! 

With Renault Koleos, the city is as easy to cross as it is to impress    


As soon as you settle on board, you already feel as if you are somewhere else. Nothing here is left to chance. Everything is a step above: the materials, the satin finish on the chrome inserts, and the finely stitched leather*. The driver’s seat surrounds you in reassuring comfort. 

Drive an SUV that offers you all of the advantages of an upmarket saloon. The raised seating position lets you master the road, and the architecture of the driving position bordered by the central console reinforces the feeling of protection. Grab handles serve as a reminder you’re in a real 4X4 

True refinement, for your pleasure on every journey.     


The technology provides you with all the new on-board experiences that Renault has to offer. A complete, intuitive universe of instant pleasure awaits you in the new Koleos. Immerse yourself in a rich acoustic experience delivered via the premium Arkamys 3D Sound System  

The Koleos range features Apple Carplay ® and Android Auto ® for a better experience. It’s a ’capacitive’ touchscreen, which means it’s easy to use. Simply drag, pinch, or swipe to navigate the same way you would on a tablet or smart phone. After all, good technology makes life simpler, not more complicated.

Configure the display on the «TFT» (Thin-Film Transistor) screens on the dashboard, and choose your information using the 5 themes on offer with the Welcome Sequence and lighting signature illumination, the complete lighting environment in the cabin will harmonise. Go further and explore the intuitive world of the R-LINK 2 connected 8.7 inch tablet, fully control the vehicle’s functions including multimedia, navigation, telephony, radio and driving assistance systems. 

Renault Koleos rises to the challenge: it offers you the best technology and makes it easy to use!     


Renault Koleos is ambitious just like you, and takes every aspect of you and your passengers’ comfort into account, offering them more generous legroom

A compartment for keeping your drinks hot or cold can be found at the front cabin. Wellbeing is everywhere for everyone on board Koleos

Every detail of the interior has been carefully considered with clean lines and superior finishes with the inviting and enveloping driving position of an SUV for you to master all roads. Welcome to comfort that goes the extra mile.    
Renault Koleos Safety Tech


Drive with peace of mind on every adventure! The New Renault Koleos is on top of safety, extensively equipped with intuitive accident protection and prevention technologies.Adaptive airbags that protects with multi-stage, variable force deployment airbags. This variable deployment is determined by the severity of the accident and proximity of the driver and front passenger to the dash or steering wheel.
Renault Koleos also features lateral pelvis and chest level airbags for front occupants, and curtain airbags for the entire cabin.Automatic locking when driving, or leaving the car, Renault Koleos will automatically engage the door locks, never leaving you exposed.
Koleos Hill Assist


Enjoy your journey, while the Renault Koleos makes your drive safer and more relaxed, with well engineered driver assistance intuition. Starting the Renault Koleos on steep slopes is no worry. When you take your foot off the brake,hill-start assist takes over and holds the vehicle steady for two seconds. This gives you time to accelerate normally without stalling or rolling back. Your drive is covered by front and rear parking sensors with rear parking camera. 

The touchscreen display lets you know with visual guidelines and audible warnings when moving or static objects are too close for comfort. Vehicles entering your blind spot are detected by a befitting blind spot warning system. An indicator light located on each wing mirror warning you of potential hazards.

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