The Kangoo Design

The Renault Kangoo is suitable for all your fleet needs. Its rigid lines and clear forms ensures a robust reassuring look that sets it apart from the rest. The Kangoo comes standard with 180 degree asymmetrical opening rear swing doors with the sliding left side loading door. Its black bumpers gives the Ranault Kangoo its strong built for purpose impression. The height adjustable seat belts ensures good posture giving you the comfort when driving long distance. The protection bars behind the driver keeps the driver safe and your load situated exactly where it is supposed to be.


The Renault Kangoo storage compartments gives you enough space for all your valuables. The central storage allows you to keep essential items at your fingertips making the Renault Kangoo your home away from the office. Your bulkier objects can be stored on the overhead parcel shelf. With the loading capacity of 800kg, height of 1,129m and length of 1,862m the Renault Kangoo is spacious and convenient

Supreme Road Handling

No matter what industry you work in the Kangoo is durable and dependable. The Kangoo gives you the ground clearance of 201mm. It guarantees for a dynamic performance as well as driving precision and comfort. The braking system is equipped with Emergency Braking System (EBS),  Anti Locking Brakes (ABS) and Electronic Brake Assist (EBA) that gives you maximum safety. The Kangoo is capable of coming to a standstill from 100km in a distance of just 40 meters. The Renault Kangoo achieves the fuel efficiency of 7,7l / 100km