No.1 Most Fuel Efficient Car Brand in South Africa

Renault Wins Wesbank Fuel Economy Tour 2019

Renault South Africa is proud to have been recognized as the most Fuel Efficient Brand in the 2019 Wesbank Fuel Economy Tour, an accolade which will stand the brand in good stead in a tough economy with consistent fuel hikes and economic hardships.

2019 Wesbank Fuel Economy Tour, a debut event offering vehicle manufacturers and importers the perfect opportunity to promote the fuel economy of their products by competing over a defined route from Johannesburg culminating in Cape Town.

The 5-day tour presented many challenging conditions for all competitors, from mountainous terrain to stretches of congested town driving, single lane driving, roadworks, roadblocks, light rain and mist, testing the fuel consumption of the 40 participating vehicles to the max, the objective of the contest being to try and simulate real driving conditions for true representation of fuel efficiency across the specified classes.

Aside from the testing conditions, the tour spanned across one of the most picturesque routes, being the Garden route, to several of SA’s major cities, i.e. Johannesburg, Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth, George, and Cape Town, allowing for breath-taking scenery.

With daily results being released each evening along with accumulated ranking, competitiveness was rife from beginning to end. Completion of the 2600KM tour at The Cullinan Hotel in Cape Town on Saturday, 16th November, saw many tired teams but with an eagerness for the category winners and overall brand winner to be announced at a prestigious event held on the top floor of the FNB building overlooking the Mother City that evening. 

It is with great pride that Renault South Africa announces receipt of the following category awards 

                      Category B1 – Diesel Turbo under 1900cc -
                      Captur PH2 1.5 dCi9 Dynamique was not only nominated as the category winner, but achieved the best results overall.

                      Category C1 – Diesel Turbo 1300cc-2000cc –
                      Duster 1.5 dCi EDC 4x2 TechRoad was top in its class
                      Category G1 – Capacity 1500cc-2000cc –
                      Duster 1.6 Expression achieved runner-up status

                     “Most Fuel Efficient Brand 2019”. This award will serve as positive support within RSA’s marketing and advertising strategies at a time when fluctuating fuel costs adversely affect consumers within this tough economy.