New Renault Captur - Performance


Efficient, powerful yet frugal

The Renault Captur is available with 2 petrol Turbo engines and 1 diesel derivative. What’s the objective? To be the best in their category in terms of driving pleasure. With a lively response, sharp acceleration, and flexibility at all speeds, the Formula 1® technology derived Energy engines combine driving pleasure with fuel economy, delivering remarkably moderate fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

66kW Turbo engine zippy city cruising 66kW 1.5 dCi engine super efficient 88kW Turbo engine in manual or auto EDC automatic gearbox
The 66kW Turbo engine is an
898 cm3, three-cylinder turbo
engine that delivers 66kW and
maximum torque of 135Nm
enabling you to cruise through
the city with ease.
It consumes only 5.4L/100 km
and its emissions are limited to
125g/km of CO2.
The new 1461 cm3, four-cylinder,
common rail diesel engine is the
perfect mix of performance and

With outputs of 66kW and 220Nm,
it delivers great low down torque
and has been developed by Renault
to deliver outstanding economy.
Figures of just 3.6L/100km and
CO2 emission of 95g/km speak
for themselves.
If you opt for the 1.2L, four-cylinder,
88kW Turbo engine, then you’re
choosing performance.
Whether you combine it with the six-speed
manual gearbox for greater
responsiveness, or with the
6-speed automatic EDC gearbox
for greater comfort.

This engine combines power and
controlled fuel consumption from
(5.4L/100 km and 125g/km of CO2).
Responsive, lively and agile, it is both
powerful and quiet. Its 88kW delivers
torque of 205Nm in the manual and
190Nm in the automatic model.
For greater comfort and pleasure,
the 6-speed dual-clutch EDC
automatic gearbox is available
with the 88kW Turbo engine.

Maximise your driving pleasure.
The EDC gearbox offers you
dynamic performance and fluidity
at fuel economy levels that are
close to those you enjoy with a
manual gearbox.
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