New Renault Captur - Performance

New Renault Captur - Performance



The new Renault Captur is available in South Africa in 2 petrol Turbo engine derivatives. What’s the objective? To be the best in their category in terms of driving pleasure. With a lively response, technology derived Energy engines combine driving pleasure with fuel economy, delivering remarkably moderate fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The 66kW Turbo engine with overboost is lively and agile. With its new tuning, the turbo is available quicker and more often. It provides more power (+4kW) and more torque (+15Nm) during sharp acceleration. Stop & Start (66kW Turbo engine) Automatically turns off the engine when the Captur is stopped and in neutral, cutting down on emissions, fuel consumption and noise. Restarts instantly, smoothly and without vibrations.

Automatically adjust the flow of air through the radiator to the engine's cooling requirements, improving the vehicle's aerodynamics and fuel consumption.

ECO MODE (66kW Turbo Engine)
To reduce fuel consumption even further, the driver can hand over control of some driving duties to Eco Mode, which modifies the vehicle's acceleration, torque/power management and heating/air-conditioning. Driving is made smoother and acceleration longer, thus saving fuel.

88kW TURBO ENGINE with EDC auto box
The new 1.2l, four-cylinder, 88Kw Turbo engine combines power and controlled fuel consumption (5.4 L/100 km and 125 g/km of CO2). Responsive, lively and agile, it is both powerful and quiet. Its 88kW delivers torque of 190 Nm at 2,000 rpm. For even greater driving pleasure, it is connected to Renault's 6-speed dual-clutch EDC automatic gearbox.

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